500 people affected by HIV including 437 children in Pakistan


A few months ago, Fatima Emaan came down with a continual fever. Syed Shah, her father took to the child to many doctors to consult including a local child specialist in Ratodero in a small in Pakistan’s south.

The condition of the girl was not improving. Instead of this, the condition was getting worse. In February, a doctor said to Shah that his daughter has the symptom of HIV. On March 1, he got the report. He said that “They double- and triple-checked it and told us that Fatima is suffering from HIV.”

Emaan’s father said his daughter was the first child to be diagnosed in what has become an HIV epidemic in the district. The doctors in the area on Friday confirmed that the number of the affected people have crossed 500 including at least 437 children.

Police have arrested Ratodero’s child specialist, Muzaffar Ghangharo, and are investigating his role. He was asked, “Did he infect anybody intentionally or recklessly?”

A police officer in the city named Sartaj Jhagirani said Ghangharo has AIDS and he has been accused by at least 10 families of treating their children with used syringes. Jhagirani the police officer said, ““He said that he didn’t do anything intentionally. Ghangharo said that in his statement to police. Four kids have died and their parents have blamed the doctor for killing them.”


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