Air India pilot fired for stealing wallet


A pilot of Air India has been sacked for allegedly stealing a wallet from a shop in Sydney airport on Saturday. The name of the pilot who was dismissed is known as Rohit Bhasin.

A regional manager of Australia complained that Rohit Vasin stole a wallet from a tax-free shop in Sydney Airport.

Meanwhile, an Air India official said that on June 22, Rohit Vasin was in charge of Delhi-based AI 301 flight from Sydney. The flight was scheduled to leave at 10:45 pm in the local time of Australia.

But before this, a complaint was lodged against the Rohit in the tax evasion of Sydney airport. After the crime, he was temporarily suspended and the investigation started.

Besides, a committee has also been created, he added.

He also said that our airlines always keep an eye on the right behavior of all workers. This issue is also given the highest priority. If someone treats any wrongdoing, a zero tolerance policy is followed.

On the other hand, the suspension letter was sent to Rohit after returning to Delhi airport. His credentials have also been submitted. It is also known that he has been instructed not to go anywhere until the end of the investigation.


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