Apple has updated MacBook Pro and Air


Apple has updated the MacBook Pro Base Model and MacBook Air. By the end of May of this year, the American technology giants company updated the MacBook Pro-Hi-And Models.

But there has been no change in the device model since 2017. Apple has added Touch Bar and Touch ID to the MacBook Pro Base Model. As a result, any MacBook Pro model of the full physical keyboard is not in the market.

The new Intel processor has also been added to the MacBook Pro model. Apple has brought 1.4 GHz quad-Core i5 processor to the eighth generation after its use of the 2.3GHz dual-core I5 ​​processor for the seventh generations. But just as it has been kept in two USB-C-Port news technology site variations. The base model’s new MacBook Pro 128Gb model has been priced at $ 1,299.00. And the market value of the 266 GB model is $ 1,499.

Apple has updated MacBook Air with the MacBook Pro Base model. The company’s ton display technology has been added to the new MacBook Air. Through this, customers can see more natural colors. The price of the device has been reduced by $ 100 to $ 1099. And for students, it can be found at $ 999.

The eighth generation of dual-core i5 processors has been kept as before. – ICT Corner Desk.


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