At last Hong Kong’s extradition bill suspended by leaders


Chief Executive Carrie Lam has announced has said that the government has suspended the controversial new extradition law after a week of mass protests and street violence which create pressure on city’s leaders.

Before, she refused to cancel the plan even after having mass protests in the city.

She said, “I feel deep sorrow and regret that deficiencies in our work and various other factors have stirred up substantial controversies.”

But in a defensive press conference, the chief executive insisted her that there was a miscommunication to defend the much-criticized bill as vital to Hong Kong’s security. She wanted to promise to recover an improved version after further discussion.

She also said her aim was “the greatest interests of Hong Kong”, which would involve first restoring peace and order.

She admitted that the bill had “caused a lot of division” in Hong Kong.

The government had disagreed the proposal of extradition bill would “plug the loopholes,” so that the city would not be a safe shelter for criminals. It comes following a murder case in Taiwan.

She was asked repeatedly whether she planned to resign, in the reply she said: “The decision I made is not about pacifying people or, as some have said, restoring my damaged reputation.”


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