Bloody protest old man pushed by police, brutality again in the United States

Bloody protest old man pushed by police

Bloody protest old man pushed by police, brutality again in the United States

The old man fell unconscious on the street after being pushed by the police and blood clotted under his head.
George Floyd was strangled to death by police. Protests have been raging in the United States for more than a week. In the meanwhile, once again a scene of police brutality was caught there.

This time in Buffalo, New York, the police were seen treating a 65-year-old man inhumanely. The police pushed the old man and threw him on the cement paved road. He fell into it and started bleeding from his ears. Two policemen have been suspended in the incident.

Curfew has been imposed in the United States since Thursday to stop protests. Despite this, there are protests against police brutality and racism. Thousands of people are taking to the streets ignoring the curfew. A group of protesters also demonstrated in front of City Hall in Buffalo on Thursday afternoon.

Police took to the streets to remove them from there. They brought the situation under control after wearing special clothes to prevent riots. Five protesters were also arrested. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

A video of the whole incident has spread on social media. It has been seen that the police force is coming forward on the sidewalk paved with cement. At that time an old man stood in front of them from the opposite direction.

Tried to talk. But two policemen rushed to see him. One of them hit the old man with a stick. Another pushed with his hand. Unable to cope, the old man fell on the road. He banged his head hard on the paved road. Immediately blood started coming out from the ears.

The old man lay numb on the blood clotted under his head. One of the accused leaned over to see him. But another man interrupted him. Seeing this, the people around started shouting. If the bleeding does not stop, there could be danger, so they told the police that an ambulance should be called immediately. That is what was reported in the ambulance. An ambulance rushed the old man to the local hospital. His condition is reported to be stable at the moment.

Criticism of the role of the police in the whole incident started as soon as the video surfaced in the media and social media. The two accused policemen were suspended. It is said that they will not get salary even while they are suspended.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has condemned the incident. “I am very embarrassed to watch the video,” he said. Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood was also stunned by the whole incident. He directed an investigation into the matter. The two accused officers have been suspended. “Buffalo Governor Andrew Cuomo has strongly condemned the incident.



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