British tanker seized by Iran in Strait of Hormuz


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has arrested a British flagged tanker by the Hormuz system. It is said on behalf of Tehran, the British tanker has been arrested on Friday for violating international sea law. The British Foreign bureau also confirmed the arrest of their tanker.

It is one of the world’s most important commercial route and the arrest of a tanker has led to a huge tension between two sides. The UK says Iran has seized two of its ships in the Persian Gulf. The country’s Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt has warned that if the problem is not resolved quickly, then the ‘fatal consequences’ will be to Iran.
British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said, “We have clearly said that if this situation is not resolved quickly, then it will have serious consequences. We are not looking for any military means, we are talking about diplomacy in the passage of this situation.”

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt

The United Kingdom cabinet twice held an emergency meeting to discuss the matter after the Tanker detention. A spokesman for the British cabinet told the BBC, “The state is deeply concerned about such unacceptable activities of Iran. Through it, Iran has challenged the freedom to operate internationally.”

“We have advised UK shipping to stay out of the area for an interim period,” the spokeswoman added.

IRGC has said in a statement that a British oil tanker named ‘Stena Impero’ was detained at the request of the port and maritime transport organization in Iran’s Hormuzgan province. The tanker has been brought to the coast. The legal process is underway. It will be searched.

There is also said in the statement that the organization of Iran requested to arrest of an oil tanker for not showing respect to international maritime law. Based on this, they seized the tanker with 23 crew by Hormuz system.

‘Grace 1’

Earlier on July 4, the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy arrested the Iranian oil tanker ‘Grace 1’ from the UK-controlled Gibraltar system. Gibraltar authorities are still investigating the ship, although all the crew has already been released.

US President Donald Trump has claimed on Thursday that the US warship ‘USS boxer’ which was patrolling in the Persian Gulf has sacked a drone in Iran. Iran, however, rejected Trump’s claim. The British tanker was arrested by Tehran shortly after the rejection of the US’s claim last Friday.


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