Bush will not support his party’s candidate Trump in the election

Bush will not support his party's candidate Trump in the election

Bush will not support his party’s candidate Trump in the election.

Former President George W. Bush, a veteran of the Iraq-Afghanistan war, will not support his Republican candidate Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election. Bush told the New York Times that the American people are aware of his thinking.

Jeb Bush, the younger brother of George W. Bush, will not support Trump either. In addition, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has stated that he will not support Trump.

Because of the Bush family’s hostile relationship with Trump, they did not support Trump in the 2016 election. At the time, Bush’s father, Bush Sr., directly opposed Trump.

US President Trump is in a lot of trouble over the Corona situation and the assassination of black youth George Floyd. The results of the survey show that Trump’s popularity has dropped to its lowest level in the last one year. In the meantime, such remarks came from former President Bush.

Presidential elections will be held in the United States on November 3. The two main candidates in this election are Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

Source: Parstude.

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