China has started their game now


China has warned that the organization will see ‘terrible consequences’ if Chinese technology company Huawei closed its business relationship with US sanctions, China warns The Chinese officials have warned about a number of technology providers in this regard. This information was reported in a New York Times report. China has made a list of ‘unreliable organizations’ as a substitute for the ban on Huawei. The organizations in the list are now called threatened.

The report said that earlier this week, the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Information and Communication Technology held a number of rounds. The meeting was held as a mechanism to take action against organizations exporting goods in China. Officials of different organizations were present in the meeting. But the names of the institutions have not yet been made clear.

In the trusted sources, the New York Times said that the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers and technology officials were present in the meeting.

In the meeting, Chinese officials warned about the removal of the production line of officials from various US organizations in other countries. Also discourage them to obey the order not to do business with a particular company. As well as trying to lobby against the trump administration’s efforts, they said. Otherwise it will have to endure permanent standing. Other than the United States, if the institutions of other countries keep supplying equipment to the Chinese company, then they will not have any problems.

The report of the New York Times said that US companies will not be interested in breaking the law.

In May last year, Huawei was “blacklisted”. In addition, the Allied countries are pressurized to not use Huawei’s equipment. In order to trump, Google, Microsoft and ARM have announced that they will not have connection with Huawei.

The United States has taken steps against Huawei in the threat of imposing counterterrorism tariffs between Washington and Beijing engaged in trade warfare. Trade negotiations between the two countries have been postponed. At the end of this month, the G20 summit in Japan was expected to meet US President Donald Trump and Chinese President C China Ping.


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