Commander is fired failing to protect Iran’s Airspace


Tehran has fired a senior commander. The allegation is that an Israeli warship entered into the skies of Iran and took image secretly and flew away. The Israeli aircraft that entered into Iran secretly carrying images and fled is the US-made F-35 warship.

The country’s highest leader Ayatollah Khomeini fired Brigadier General Farzad Ismail, the commander of the Air Force, for failing to destroy the Israeli warship, according to a media report called The National Interest.

Al-Zarida, the Kuwaiti-based daily, first reported this last Saturday. Commander Farzad Ismail has been blamed for how Israeli warships entered the skies of Iran and returned safely. He has been serving as commander of the Air Force for 25 years.

The accusation against him is an Israeli warplane entered into the skies of Iran on March 27, taking pictures of touching places and returned safely. But he could not resist. Not only that, he did not inform Khomeini, the supreme leader about this. As a result, he was fired after a lengthy investigation.

According to the report, the intelligence department of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and the intelligence ministry investigated the incident on March 27. Khomeini made the decision after the joint investigation. The executive commander has been replaced.

Iranian intelligence investigators found that the Israeli F-35 warship, named Adhir, had been flying across the skies of Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Siraj, and Bandar Abbas returned taking images safely. It could not be traced by Iran’s sky defense system. Contextually, the F-35 is capable of deflecting radar because of its building by stealth technology.


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