Donald Trump wants meeting with Iran


Iran’s president declared on Wednesday that he will not maintain the nuclear deal anymore and in response, Trump administration increased the sanction on Tehran’s Silver, Steel, Copper, and Iron. Previously, the USA put sanctions on Iran’s oil. Later, in a briefing Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran said that Iran is not bound to follow any rules under the deal of Nuclear now. They are not obliged anymore. He also said that the deal was not canceled of their own will.

Days after Donald Trump said that he has forced USA Military for the purpose of the USA’s security. He also added that he hasn’t forced Military to go to war against Iran. They have no intention like that.

In the briefing on Thursday, he said:

“he would like to sit for meeting with Iran if they call me and there can be a fair deal between us.”

This is not for the first time that he is willing to talk to Iran. Before many times in his speech, he pursued his willing.

But on Thursday, he mainly focused on one thing and that is “We just don’t want them to have nuclear weapons — not too much to ask. And we would help to put them back to great shape.”


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