Don’t eat litchi on empty stomach


Litchi is quite popular as seasonal fruit. Because of the tastes, when the children started eating extra litchi But ordinary people do not know that eating excess litchi is a risk to health, and even death can be a cause.

Suddenly two years ago, 390 children were admitted to hospital in Bihar due to eating lime fruit litchi. There were 122 children. Besides, many children died due to litchi eating in Bangladesh also. After that incident, the cause of that death was mentioned by spreading toxic insecticides on the tree. However, a study has found evidence that litchi poison contains because of this poison. The number of child deaths is increasing due to litchi eating.

An explanation is found in a research paper published by international medical science magazine “The Lancet”. It is said that eating a lot of litchi in the empty stomach creates a type of poison in the body, causing the children to suddenly become vulnerable and vomiting, and then they become unconscious, thus killing more than half of the children. According to the doctors, it is better to refrain from eating excess litchi in an empty stomach.


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