Everything is will be open in a limited way at Corona-risk.

Everything is will be open in a limited way at Corona-risk.

Everything is will be open in a limited way at Corona-risk in Bangladesh 

The Corona situation in the country is now deteriorating and everything is will be open in a limited way at Corona-risk. At least 20 people are dying every day for the last few days. Two thousand 29 people have been infected in the last 24 hours. In all, the number of infected patients has exceeded 40,000. And so far a total of 559 people have died. In such a situation of infection, the government has decided to open everything on a limited basis without extending the leave after May 30. At this stage, compliance with hygiene rules has become important. Is this rule being followed in that way? What will happen to hygiene after all is opened in a limited way?

The government informed on Wednesday that the public holiday will not increase after May 30. Limited government-private offices-courts and factories will be opened. Public transport, passenger boats and trains will also run with limited number of passengers. Can even fly according to hygiene rules. However, the educational institution will be closed for the time being.

According to the government, it has been decided to launch a limited number of office-courts and economic activities keeping in mind the two issues of life and livelihood. However, the government has already made preparations for this. The health department has already issued 13-point instructions on how to proceed when the office opens.

Wearing a mask has been made mandatory for everyone in this guideline. On May 11, the Health Services Department sent a letter to the Cabinet Division to take necessary action in this regard with these 13-point instructions. Instructions include instructing the Ministry of Public Works to set up the required number of sterilization tunnels, sterilizing every office room, yard or road before opening the office, checking the temperature of the officials and employees at the entrance of each ministry or department, checking the temperature and entering the office. Must be disinfected with 100% disinfectant and maintain a physical distance of at least three feet while sitting in the vehicle.

Whether the hygiene is being complied with or not should be monitored by the inspection team. In addition, health safety instructions with pictures should be hung in visible places and if anyone is found to be ill, arrangements should be made to keep them in isolation immediately.

Mushtaq Hossain, an adviser to the government’s Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) and a public health expert, told Prothom Alo today that the decision to open everything at this time of outbreak would increase the risk to public health. There is a risk of further infection. The range of emergency needs could be further expanded. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But what needs to be done now is to see if the hygiene rules are being followed properly. These issues need to be fixed in consultation with experts. In addition, whether hygiene is being observed or not, it needs to be monitored from inside and outside the office.

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