Facebook announced to redesign


The 2019 F8 conference was held from April 30, 2019, to May 1, 2019, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the overwhelming theme is that “the future is private.”

As there was controversy about the privacy of Facebook, it is going to change some systems which will maintain the privacy and third party will not be able to see the conversation between the people. Even, office people of Facebook will not be able to interrupt between people. The presentation also highlighted that more than 2 billion people will be messaging privately with end-to-end encryption after coming to the update to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. During the keynote, Facebook announced updates on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Facebook will be redesigned about its groups and events. The redesign of Facebook is supposed to help people to expand their social circles. There will be a feature named Meet New Friends, which will help people to meet with the strangers very easily who are in common as well as it will help people to find an event near them in an easier way. Android and IOS apps will also be updated. Moreover, the desktop site will be rebuilt in the coming months.

Instagram will have new camera features. It’s updating the camera interface and adding a new “Create Mode.” It will make easier to share beyond traditional photos and videos. Instagram will also expand a feature by which people will be able to buy products inside the apps from the artists, athletes, and other creators in addition to companies. There will another change and that is the likes in a person’s feed won’t be shown to others without the content.

Facebook will also reshape the Facebook Messenger. There will be an option called close friends. There you can share their message or status or photos with the trusted people. IOS is being redesigned to make it less space in the device and the new version will be under 30 MB, about 20 percent of its current size.


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