Facebook-Twitter-WhatsApp is banned in government offices of India


India has banned government officials and employees from using social media in the office. The country’s Home Ministry issued this rule. It has been reported in the Indian media – “Times of India”.

According to the directive issued from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp on the computer or mobile phone in government offices is completely prohibited. As well as using Google Drive and USB drives have been limited.

The Home Ministry said that they have taken steps for digital security of state-owned information. This direction was given from the Central Home Ministry in view of the increase in cybercrime across India, said Indian media.

Under the direction of the 24-page, the central government of the Home Ministry is written that the Government has decided it for the purpose of security. The cybersecurity division of the Central Home Ministry led by Amit Shah has made this directive.

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs says that official information can not be disclosed by using Facebook and WhatsApp on their mobile phones as well as on the office computers. If an employee wants to get involved in social activities using the office computer, he/she must seek prior permission from the senior authority.

It has been said in the instructions that the central government employees can not carry their portable devices (pen drives, hard disks, etc.) outside the office. At the same time, they will not be able to secure official information or documents in Google Drive, DropBox, ICloud, etc.


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