Facebook-WhatsApp information on US visa application


The United States has made new rules for visas. Under the new law, applicants for the United States Visa will now have to submit details of Facebook-WhatsApp. However, analysts think that it will be difficult to get a US visa.

Discussions started around the world with the new US visa regime. Many do not want to disclose their social media account information. Because there is a fear of being hacked. As well as think that privacy will not be maintained.

Also this new rule created controversy. Discussions started around the world with the new rules of US visa.

According to the BBC, the new regulations in the US State Department have been stated that the applicant must submit the name of his social network and the five-year used e-mail and phone number with the US visa application. When this new rule was proposed last year, the US State Department said it would affect 1.44 million people.

This stringent system of rules will not always apply to diplomats and government officials visas. Those who are interested in traveling or studying in the United States must submit these informations. the Foreign Office warns that if anyone gives false information about social media, he will have to face severe consequences for immigration. But if someone does not use social media, then there will be a chance to mention that also in the visa application form.

US officials say that in recent years worldwide, social media is one of the areas for terrorist activities. Officials believe that it will be possible to pick terrorists through this procedure.

Trump administration proposed this new rule in March 2018. American Civil Liberties Union which is a human rights organization in the United States, said there was no evidence that social media surveillance has done anything effective.

Civil Liberties Union said that this will make people limited their opinion online.


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