Five new features coming in Facebook’s Messenger


The popularity of Facebook is increasing day by day. Even Messenger is also getting popularity as well as Facebook. So, Facebook is bringing 5 new features for the users.

Last May, In Facebook’s annual developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg discussed the future of Messengers. He told about the possible changes in Messengers. Facebook does not want to restrict messenger in only messaging and calling apps. Facebook wants to bring more advanced messenger apps within 2020.

Speed ​​up: Facebook wants to speed up its messenger app speed. There are several designs and UI changes that are being brought to it. Besides, it is also keeping an eye as Messenger shouldn’t take much space in the smartphones. Trying to limit the size into 30 MB of Messenger.

Close-Friends Group: The Facebook app has this feature, but there is no such feature in messenger. This feature will be available in Messenger in the future. The group can be made with the closest friends of choice. In the Facebook app, you can select the group in the privacy settings of a post.

Video view in the group: Facebook Watch Party was launched in July of 2018. With that feature, Facebook friends can see a video together. Because of the popularity of this feature, Facebook wants to bring this feature in the messenger. As a result, videos can be seen with friends of a group in Messenger.

Messenger Desktop App: Like the mobile, Messenger is going to bring apps for the desktop. Currently, the messenger can be used by logging in to Facebook. But Facebook is bringing this app to facilitate easy chatting and video calling.

More advanced chatbots: Different organizations and individuals keep on chat options on their Facebook page. It automatically answers multiple messages. Facebook wants to make this chat-bot more advanced and smooth. Developers are working to build chat-bots more capable of making an appointment system.


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