Google’s new smartphone Pixel 4 is coming this year


Negotiations with Google’s new smartphone Pixel 4 is not over. Waiting of customers will end this year. That’s what many international tech media have said.

According to a media report from India’s Media Gazette 360 Degree, Google Pixel 4 will come after a few months into the market. Already many pieces of information have been revealed about this phone. Although the source couldn’t confirm exactly when Google’s smartphone will come to market.

According to the Gazette 360 Degree, multiple cameras are being used in any Pixel series smartphones for the first time in the year 2019. Google recently released a teaser for the Pixel 4 smartphone. Where some great features on this phone are seen.

In a recently released 22-second teaser video, Google says that the Pixel Four smartphone has hands-free support, which can be used to do more of the company’s next flagship phone. Besides, there is a special sensor for face unlock without using the phone’s front camera. This feature will work using a radar-based system called Soli. The US technology company has created this technology for the past five years.

Google introduced the first Soli radar system in 2015. With this system, it is possible to change songs or  the sound of the phone by moving hands in front of the phone. Although some smartwatches have already used this navigation system, the new navigation system is about to enter the smartphone world with Pixel 4’s hand.

The new gesture system will work through various hardware sensors and software algorithms. The new system, called ‘Motion Sense’, will allow you to perform various functions including phone playback control, phone call silent, alarm snooze, and many more activities. Google says gradually it is possible to use ‘Motion Sense’ for more work.

The Pixel 4 smartphone also has a special hardware sensor for face unlock. All other phones have to turn on the phone display first to unlock the face lock. However, the Pixel phone’s face unlock will also work in sleep mode.


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