HIV broke out in Pakistan


Something was wrong in the small southern Pakistani town of Ratto Dero appeared in February that children became sick and there was some symptom.

Some parents were worried and went to the doctors with having complaints that their children were not getting well even after the treatment. Within weeks, the number of affected children with the same disease was increasing.

Dr. Imran Aarbani sent the blood sample of the children for testing. The result came and it was that they were affected by HIV and reason was unknown to them.

The hospital doctor said to the BBC that “By 24 April, 15 children had tested positive, though none of their parents were found to be carrying the virus.”

Last month more than 607 people, among them 75% of children have diagnosed with the virus. After breaking out the rumors in the air people started to rush to a special camp set up at the town’s government hospital by the health department of Sindh province.

It is more surprising that the fact is not for the first time that has been outbreak to hit the region in recent years.

Dr. Asad Memon who is the head of the SACP operations in Larkana said to the BBC “I think the (Aids) virus was being carried by members of the high-risk group (transgender and female sex workers) and then lax practices by local quacks caused it to infect other patients.”


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