Huawei OS will be faster than Android or Apple’s OS


Huawei has been working long ago to make the alternate of Android. They have succeeded in that effort. Chinese Telecom Company has created ‘Hongmeng’ operating system in Huawei.  However, Huawei is not bringing the operating system in the market. It is being speculated that they will bring the OS to light through developer’s conference in August.

Ren Zhengfei, founder and chief executive officer of Huawei Technologies.

Ren Zhengfei the founder of Huawei said in the statement, “Hongmeng” operating system is not only for smartphones but also for automotive vehicles, computers, and tablets. He claims that this OS will be faster than Google’s Android or Apple OS. Although he acknowledges that Huawei requires large size app ecosystems and developers like Apple or Google, with which Google and Apple App Store are running.

According to numerous reports, this OS commercially will be marketed with Met-Thirty or P-Forty series in the name of ‘Ark OS’ Huawei, although many rumors have been heard about this operating system for a long time.

According to the sources, it is known that Oppo and Vivo sent their team to test this operating system to verify the authenticity of the news, they also agreed upon this. It is also known that Tencent companies went also to test this operating system.


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