If enemies cross the ‘Red Line’, they will be destroyed: Iran


Major General Hussein Salami, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Force (IRGC), known as the Iranian Elite Force, has warned that if the enemy tries to cross the Iranian Red Line, they will be destroyed. He also said that who will try to dishonor or harm Iran they will be punished hard.

General Salami made the warning while addressing a rally in Tehran, capital of Iran, in support of Iran’s Islamic government. On Monday, supporters of the government staged a huge procession to protest against those who protested a recent increase in fuel prices.

IRGC chief Hossein Salami said they had sought revenge for the recent violence that had been waged by Iran on several occasions over the past 40 years. But this time, as in the past, they have also failed as in the past. So far, the enemy has not been successful in taking any action against Iran.

General Salami also said that so far the enemy couldn’t take any action successfully which Tehran has not responded to. The recent riots that followed the rally of haters towards the country were a deadly blow against US imperialist policies.

General Salami expressed his gratitude to the country’s top leader Ayatollah Khamenei for failing the evil plans of enemies in Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, saying that people started peaceful protests in the streets to protest the rise in fuel oil prices, but a class of mischievous racists exploited by opportunists.

Also, the IRGC brought the situation under control within 48 hours, said Deputy Chief of the Brigadier General Ali Fadavi. He claimed that after the normalcy of the situation in the country, a large number of processions are being organized on behalf of the government, condemning the miscreants in various cities of Iran.General Salami made the warning while addressing a rally in Tehran.


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