Iran seizes oil tanker again, unrest Gulf


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. (IRGC) has arrested a foreign oil tanker again while tensions ongoing in the Persian Gulf. Iran’s revolutionary Corps. said they have arrested an Arab country’s oil tanker from the Persian Gulf which was smuggling oil on last Wednesday.

Iran has arrested foreign oil tankers for the third time in the last month.

    IRGC commander Ramazan Zirahi

According to IRGC commander Ramazan Zirahi, the country’s state news agency IRNA says IRGC navy personnel have seized an oil tanker from the Persian Gulf. For some countries of the Arab, oil was being smuggled into the tanker.

The Iranian commander said about 7,00,000 liters of oil was being transported by the seized tanker. Seven sailors from different countries were also detained from the tanker.

According to the laws of the country, the fuel of the seized oil tanker will now be handed over to the national oil production and transportation company of Bushehr in the country.
The United States, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE have been having intense tensions with Iran over the Persian Gulf for the past several months. However, the excitement grew on last July 19; On that day, Iran detained Britain’s oil tanker Stena Imparo by Hormuz system for violating international maritime law.

Two weeks ago before this incident, the United Kingdom seized the Iranian oil tanker Grace-1 from the Gibraltar system. The British Royal Navy detained the Iranian oil tanker for violating EU regulations in Syria.


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