Iran threats to cancel Nuclear deal under 2015


Iran’s president declared on Wednesday that he will not maintain the nuclear deal anymore and in response, Trump administration increased the sanction on Tehran’s Silver, Steel, Copper, and Iron. Previously, the USA put sanction on Iran’s oil.

Trump said, his main intention is to keep away Iran from Nuclear weapon.

In a briefing Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran said, Iran is not bound to follow any rules under the deal of Nuclear. They are not obliged anymore. He also said the deal was not canceled for their own will. Adding that, if other countries who are under the deal withdraw their names and take steps against Iran, Iran will give them a proper answer as a threat.

Britain, France, and Germany warned Iran to keep their deal as Iran declared to cancel the deal. Israel also warns that they will take action against Iran if it is necessary. The Prime Minister of Israel mentions Iran as their “Woe” and added that they will not give the chance to Iran to increase their ability in nuclear weapons.

On the other hand, China and Russia blamed the USA for this problem. The Foreign Minister of Russia said that Iran kept their all promises in previous deals which is very admirable. The crisis is increasing because of Trump’s administration‘s aggressive attitude.

On May 2, 2019, USA put sanction on Iran’s oil to sell in India, China along with six countries.


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