IS exists shown through the attack in Sri Lanka


The series bomb attack took place in Sri Lanka on May 21, 2019, on Sunday. The day was Easter Sunday. Suicide bombers targeted their explosion in three luxurious hotels, three churches, and two other places. Due to the attacks, almost 250 people died and many more were injured. After this hatred deeds, IS confessed that they were responsible for the attack.

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena has told BBC in an interview that

“I am shocked and can’t understand why they chose Sri Lanka for this attack.”

He also added that “I do question if it is because they do not have the ability to go head to head with the world’s powerful nations… So they chose a country that had recently established peace, to make the statement that the Islamic State still exists.”

In the interview, he was asked about the failure to act of the warning which led to destruction. He replied “It’s clear that information had been received by those occupying top positions in intelligence services. However, I wasn’t appraised of this information.” He also said “They neglected their duties which is why I have taken action against them. These people have been removed from their offices and I have appointed a committee to investigate the matter.”

Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando and Police Chief Pujith Jayasundara were failed to confront the warning of attacks. So they were asked to resign from their post. The president said that they had the information about the possible attacks but they had failed to do their responsibility and they didn’t inform me and others.

In another question, he was asked about his position to be considered for the security failure. He replied “Nowhere in the world have the heads of state resigned or relinquished their duties after bomb blasts. I believe my duty right now is to take the necessary action to face this challenge.”

The Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in a statement that he and his cabinet Ministers were not informed about the warning of attacks.


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