Mark Zuckerberg wants to remain in the Chairman position


An attempt was taken to step Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) down from the chairman position of the company.

On Thursday, during the annual general meeting shareholders of the company had the chance to vote on Mark Zuckerberg’s position. Mr. Zuckerberg is not only Facebook’s chief executive but also he is the chairman of its board of directors.

He has the power to control about 60% of the voting and also he can be defeated in a way if he votes against him. Some investors wanted to step him down as they believe it would help him to focus to run the company.

Trillium Asset Management is one of the investors which owns $7m (£5.5m) to Facebook shares.

Jonas Kron, who is the senior vice-president at Trillium, told the BBC before the vote that

“If he can focus on being the CEO, and let somebody else focus on being an independent board chair that would be a much better situation.”

He also added that Mark should take inspiration from Google’s Larry Page and Microsoft’s Bill Gates. They are the founder of the company but yet they are not the chairman of the company.

Mr. Zuckerberg declined to answer a shareholder question about why he would not choose an independent chairman of the board, at the annual general meeting.


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