Mr. Xi Jinping visits North Korea to develop the relation with Kim


Xi Jinping, The president of China is in North Korea for a meeting with Kim Jong-un who is the president of North Korea. Since 2005 it is the very first Chinese state visit to North Korea.

Both of them met earlier four times in China. It is expected not only the discussion of stalled talks over the North’s nuclear program but also economic issues will be discussed.

North Korea’s leading trading partner is China. So, China is very important to North Korea.

This year G20 summit is going to be held in Japan. Before one week of the summit, Mr. Xi will go there where he will meet with US President Donald Trump.

Mr. Kim had also a meeting with Trump this in February in Hanoi. But, the meeting was unsuccessful because it ended without any agreement. Since this meeting, it will be the first meeting between Mr. Xi and Mr. Trump.

Mr. Xi came to power in 2012 and his two-day visit will be the first meeting by any Chinese leader to North Korea in 14 years.


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