Neymar is in a new trouble!


Tima is not going really well for Brazilian superstar Neymar. Recently he has ben convicted to a rape incident. Yesterday Neymar has shared a video on Instagram claiming himself innocent of rape. Now he probably could be get in trouble with this video for publishing photos of the personal moments of the complainant. Police has now begun a new investigation against Neymar.

Brazil is now in Granada Komari football complex for the preparation of Copa America. The police came directly there to talk with Neymar. However, Neymar was not present in the camp. Police said Neymar would be summoned to the police station for questioning since he was not the practice camp.

On Saturday, a woman accused of rape against Neymar. The complainant, São Paulo, told the police that he met Neymar in France after sending a brief message to Instagram in social media. A representative of the PSG star named Galo bought a ticket for Paris and arranged for a stay at the hotel.

The complainant said that Neymar came to the hotel to be ‘completely drunk’ and “Neymar became aggressive at a certain moment even though he touched one another and established sexual relations against her will”.

According to the report, the woman left Paris two days after the incident. She did not complain to the police in Paris as she was mentally disturbed.

Naimar, who himself claimed to be innocent, shared a video on Instagram yesterday. This video is made by the Neymar, in conjunction with what he has shared with her in WhatsApp from March to May in this year,. Neymar said that the video was shared as proof of the allegations made to trap him.

However, Neymar has used many pictures of the person who has complained in the video. Police have summoned Neymar for violating personal privacy. Neymar’s mobile will be seized for the sake of investigation. the investigating officer said, “We are not just used in the video, but everything we have on his phone, we want to see.”

Meanwhile, the accused women submitted some pictures to the police as evidence of forced sexual relations. He has submitted these photographs as evidence of Neymar who has been aggressive in the hotel with her.

8-time champion Brazil is dreaming of winning Copa America this year. They Are expecting a great performance  by Neymar. But Neymar is heading to the outside of the field due to this incident. However, the national team teammates of Neymar are always with their 27-year-old star.


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