Oil tanker Grace-1 has raised the Iranian flag


Iran’s oil vessel has finally left the port of Gibraltar. The Iranian oil tanker was detained last month in a Gibraltar demonstration which was taking oil to Syria over reasons for violating EU sanctions.

The BBC said in a report on Monday that the tanker flew the Iranian flag and headed east to the Mediterranean. Although the ship’s previous name is Grace 1, it has now been replaced by ‘ADRIAN DARYA’.
The destination of the ship was not known. Gibraltar, however, rejected US requests to hold it for a few more days. A day after Gibraltar withdrew its detention against an oil tanker called Grace-1, the United States made its last request to keep it.

Gibraltar said it was unable to comply with Washington’s request to issue new detention. Because the US sanctions against Iran do not apply to the European Union. The UK ambassador to Iran also said that Grace-1 would leave Gibraltar after Sunday.

Gibraltar seized the tanker with the help of British Marine troops on 4 July. British-controlled Gibraltar authorities have hinted that a tanker with 29 crew from India, Russia, Latvia, and the Philippines was transporting oil to Syria violating the EU sanctions.

But then the US Justice Department requested to detain it for a few days more. It is said that Grace-1 is controlled by a terrorist group called the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran.

Gibraltar reported on Sunday that they could not keep the request. The statement says that EU sanctions against Iran are more effective than US sanctions to Gibraltar.

However, Washington has shown no response to the rejection. However, the ship that was detained by the Revolutionary Guard Stena Impero on July 19 remains in Iran’s possession.

Stena Impero

The UK has also announced that they will join a US-led task force on the protection of shipping on the Hormuz system’s shipping routes. There is another aspect of the Western crisis with Iran that surrounds the country’s nuclear program.

Last year, Washington began pulling back from a deal with Iran which was signed in 2015. Since then the clash between them started. The United States alleged that Tehran was pursuing a nuclear program violating the agreement. But, Iran has always denied the allegations.

And since then, the Trump administration has imposed sanctions on the country in the Middle East. However, the UK and other European countries say they are still committed to the deal with Iran. After the capture of the tanker, tensions between Tehran and Western powers increased.


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