Over weight? Then follow simple rules to loose.


You can loose your weight only when you determine strongly to loose it. You just need to follow some steps properly-

First of all, say “NO” to sugar. You have to completely stop taking those foods or drinks where sugar is available excessively.The building blocks of all carbohydrates are sugars. Whether it is added sugar or natural sugar, Excessive sugar is harmful for health.

Bad affects of Sugar:

  1. Much sugar in body, increases weight.
  2. It helps to increases the level of sugar in body which is harmful for body.
  3. Sugar affects in tooth.

This chart shows that very Low-Carbohydrate in one’s body will decrease the weight.

Secondly, you have to make sure a proper diet. You have to eat but take those foods which are healthy and help to reduce weight. Then, take your food in time. Eat Real food instead of junk foods. Don’t over cook or burn your meat. Make sure to eat enough protein.

A healthy diet chart is available here for you which will help you to know that when you should eat.

Besides, try to drink boiled water which is little bit hot. It will help to remove your fat. Remember to drink water before your meal. Make sure that you take enough water per day. The alternative name of water is “Life”. So, never compromises with water.

Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Moreover, try to have an apple everyday as we all know the proverb “An apple a day keeps doctors away.”

After that, don’t over sleep at night let alone in a day. Always try to make yourself busy in work.

The last and effective step is to exercise regularly. Go for morning walk or workout at Gym. You can also lift some weights at Gym in a systematic way. Never make any hurry in case of weight losing. You may get the result slowly but effectively. So, keep patience and don’t ever think to give up.

Combination of proper diet and exercise will help you to loose your weight very easily.*Remember one thing you can never loose your weight having hunger. You eat but in a balanced way. (Those women who are pregnant are requested not to follow this. Instead of this, consult with a specialist)


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