Raid of Sri Lankan Police has turned into a “Gun Battle” ; 15 dead including 6 children


15 Bodies including six children have died at overnight in a gun battle between the Sri Lankan security forces and suicide bombers on the east coast of Sri Lanka.  Police confirmed that there were three suicide bombers who blew themselves up and others were shot by the police.

It was raid operation with the combination of the Army and the Police. They suspected an area where the terrorist was in a house.

The gun battle continued for an hour. When the security forces stepped onwards three suicide bombers triggered bombs and blew them up including three women and six children. The incident took place in Kalmunai 370 Km east far away from the capital of Sri Lanka.

A policeman said on Saturday that including the three suspected bombers 15 people were killed in the Gin fire. Military spokesman Sumith Atapattu said in a statement that Troops retaliated and raided the safe house where a large cache of explosives had been stored. He also said that the fighters are from the local group of the country called National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ) who was responsible for the last attack on Sunday.

The Military man also mentioned that they found Bomb-making materials and thousands of metal balls in a search in separate houses but in the same area.

The failure of the government to protect from the warning of bombings attacks has made people to be concern about their security. Sri Lanka’s Catholic leader, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the archbishop of Colombo, also said that he felt “betrayed” as the government failed to protect the people even after getting the warning of attacks.


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