Saudi human rights woman activist will be released if shuts mouth


The family of a woman rights activist imprisoned in Saudi Arabia has complained that the authorities will release her if they hide the torture of the rights activist. The allegations of torture on prisoners are not new. So far, four of the detainees have alleged torture. According to them, in the jail they were subjected to electric shock, whipping and sexual abuse.

The woman’s rights activist, Loujain al-Hathloul, was charged with conspiracy to defraud the state. In March this year, nine other activists, including her, were arrested.
Loujain al-Hathloul played an active role in bringing women the right to drive in Saudi Arabia. Although women are now allowed to drive freely, Luizen is now imprisoned for working to bring independence for women.

Her sister Lina al-Hathloul, who lives in Brussels, said in a tweet on Tuesday that I might be taking a risk for writing about it. Maybe it will hurt my sister, but I can’t control myself without telling this.

She said a proposal was made to Loujain. She has been told that if she denies that she has been tortured, she will be released. She also wrote, again saying that Loujain was brutally tortured. She was physically and sexually assaulted.

Her family had previously complained of physical and sexual abuse. But the Saudi government has always rejected it. Authorities were asked about the allegation, but they declined to comment.

Loujain Hathul

Loujain Hathul is a known face on women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. She got her first acquaintance in 2014. At that time, she tried to enter the car in the borders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. She showed the whole thing via live on Twitter.

Saudi Arabia lifted a ban on women driving in June this year, with many criticisms. A law regarding male guardians has also been relaxed this month.

Under that law, a woman would require the approval of a male relative – father, brother, husband, and son – to make important decisions in her life. Recently a section of that law has been changed. Before going somewhere outside the country, a male guardian had to be taken along. But it doesn’t need it anymore.

Although these laws are changing, most of those who have been active in the movement for these changes are still spending days in jail. The country’s authorities, however, denied the allegations. Western countries are demanding the release of detained human rights activists. The UN has also called for their release.

Since the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi embassy in Turkey last year, Saudi Arabia has been criticized for more serious human rights violations. Saudi Arabia has been criticizing, trying to intervene in their internal affairs in the name of human rights.

In August last year, Canada demanded the release of detained human rights activists. Saudi Arabia subsequently severed business ties with Canada and banned Canada’s ambassador.


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