Savarkar, the father of Hindutva, was a British agent

Savarkar the father of Hindutva was a British agent

Savarkar, the father of Hindutva, was a British agent : Justice Katju

Former Indian Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju has sparked controversy by calling Binayak Damadar Savarkar, the “father of Hindutva“, a “British agent”. Katju said Savarkar helped the British implement the divide and rule policy by spreading poison against Muslims.On Savarkar’s 137th birth anniversary, Justice Katju wrote an article on his blog titled ‘Truth about Bir Savarkar’. There, he claimed, the man known as the “father of Hindutva” had always collaborated with the colonial rulers.

RSS – Without naming the BJP, he joked that many praised him as a great freedom fighter. But what is his real appearance? Highlighting the real truth, Katju said many nationalist leaders were arrested during the British rule.The imprisoned British offered them, if they acted as rulers, they would be released. Savarkar agreed to the offer and wrote a letter apologizing to the British. So when he got out of jail, he started spreading Hindu communalism. Become a British agent.

Katju, a former chairman of the Press Council of India, added that Savarkar was the first to promote the two-nation theory. During his presidency of the Hindu Mahasabha during World War II, Savarkar laid great emphasis on the ‘Hinduisation of politics and the militarization of Hindu monarchy’. The campaign began. He supported war to give military education to Hindus.

When the Congress started the Quit India Movement in 1942, Savarkar sharply criticized it and asked the Hindus to stay away from it. He instructed everyone not to disobey the orders of the government. He appealed to only Hindus to learn war tactics.Does this man deserve respect and admiration as a freedom fighter, Katju raises the question. There is speculation in a court that Savarkar will be given Bharatanga. But doing so would be an insult to the real fighters of the country.

According to former Justice Katju, the real heroes were Bhagat Singh, Surya Sen, Chandrasekhar Azad, Bismil, Ashfaqullah, Khudiram, Rajguru. They gave their lives. What has Savarkar done? Readers of this blog have made various comments.Arun Mehta said Nelson Mandela was in jail for 27 years. He did not lose. Savarkon did it. Another reader said. Paba Kumar called Savarkar a pet dog of the British and said that he also actively helped to assassinate Gandhi. Helped in partition.





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