Shootings in the United States: Horrible scene, 6 bodies lying at home!

Shootings in the United States: Horrible scene

Shootings in the United States: Horrible scene, 6 bodies lying at home!

Police in the U.S. state of Alabama have recovered six bodies after a shooting at a home in Morgan. Describing the attack as a gruesome scene, local police said it was not yet clear what caused the attack. However, the investigation is ongoing.

Police arrived at the house on Sunday evening after receiving an emergency call that the house was on fire. After extinguishing the fire, he came to the spot and saw the bullet-riddled bodies of 6 people lying inside the house.

Mike Swafford, a spokesman for the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, said the bodies of six elderly men and women were found inside the office. The incident is being treated as a homicide.

Police believe the shooting was carried out by a man. Swaford said, ‘We believe someone came to this residence to do bad things, did and left. We believe this is an isolated and premeditated murder. ”

Describing the incident as a horrific scene, the police spokesman told the New York Times: “The investigation is ongoing. It will take some time to process. A dog also died at the scene.

Swford said police have received several calls to the same address in recent weeks. This is the second homicide in two weeks in Morgan County. Earlier, a triple murder took place there. The FBI is assisting in the investigation. No arrests have been made so far in the investigation.

Source: Independent UK



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