Sri Lanka’s government has extended the state emergency for another one month


The country’s government has extended the term of emergency for another one month after the state of emergency was imposed since the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on April 21 last.
The country’s President Maithripala Sirisena said that the state of emergency has to be extended in the interest of the security of the common people. Now it is not possible to relax the strictness of the law in the country. In addition, in the emergency, the police and security forces have been given the power to arrest anyone who is suspected.

The authorities were told that the state of emergency was due on Saturday. But considering the situation, the new state of emergency again has been extended. Meanwhile, hundreds of people have been arrested for suspected involvement in the Easter Sunday attack. Of these, 10 are said to be women.

It may be mentioned that at least 250 people died in a series of suicide bomb attacks in Sri Lanka’s church and hotel on April 21. IS admitted that they were responsible for the attacks.

Besides, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India has told about the arrest of a close companion of the attacker Jahran Hashim, who was killed in a horrendous attack on East Sunday. The name of the arrested is known to Mohammad Azharuddin.

Anti-terrorist investigators from India said that Azharuddin was arrested in connection with a suspected IS house in Tamil Nadu’s Kaimabat.

It is known that he is a close companion of the attacker, Zahran Hashim, who was killed in a horrific terrorist attack in East Sunday. NIA also said five more suspected have been arrested. They were also known to try to spread the doctrine of IS among local youths.


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