The dream of a better life ends in cruelty


The dream of a better life ends in cruelty.

Rakibul Islam, 20, of Khatbaria village in Jessore’s Jhikargachha upazila, left home four months ago with a dream of a better life. He crossed into Libya through brokers. But a gang of brokers detained him in a Libyan town and began torturing him. He contacted the family members and demanded a ransom of Tk 10 lakh on his mobile phone. The family members also agreed to pay. Meanwhile, Khabar El Dalal Chakra shot and killed Rakibul. Thus the dream of a better life ends in cruelty.

Thirty migrants, including 28 Bangladeshis, were killed in the civil war-torn Libyan city of Mizda on Thursday. Rakibul is one of them. The dead included six residents of Bhairab upazila in Kishoreganj, police said.

Rakibul’s elder brother Sohail Rana told Prothom Alo that Rabikul left the country in the hope of a better life. He was sent to Libya through a broker for good work. But from the beginning the brokers started treating him badly. He was later detained and demanded a ransom of Tk 10 lakh on his mobile phone on May 16.

They want to take that money from Dubai. They also agreed to pay the money for his brother’s release. He took time from them till June 1. But he did not understand what happened. His cousin called from Libya this morning to say that Rakibul was among the 26 Bangladeshis shot dead. Sohail Rana said, “We don’t know what to do now. I don’t know when the body will come to the country.

According to family sources, Rakibul was a first year student of Economics Department at Jessore Government City College. Rakibul’s cousin is a Libyan expatriate. The brother contacted a Bangladeshi broker in Libya and took Rakibul to Libya. Family members sent Rakibul to Libya four months ago at a cost of Rs 4.5 lakh. Rakibul is the youngest of four siblings. That is why the news of his death has confused his parents, brothers and sisters. Mourning is going on in their house now.

Meanwhile, Kishoreganj’s Bhairab police inspector (investigation) Bahalul Alam Khan said they had learned that six Bhairab residents were among those killed in Libya. This information has been confirmed by talking to the family members of the victims. There are several injured.

Mubarak Hossain, a resident of Rasulpur village in Sadekpur union of the upazila, said his younger brother Saddam Hossain, 25, was among the dead. At first, they heard of his death, but later found out that Saddam was still in hospital.

Mubarak alleges that Jalal Tanjirul sold everyone to another clique on his way from Benghazi in Libya to Tripoli. After the cycle took everyone to a secluded place, physical abuse began rather than ransom. 10 lakh was demanded as ransom.

The same allegation was made by Zahir Mia, elder brother of Janu Mia (24) of Shambhupur village in Shibpur union of Bhairab. Police initially reported Janu Mia’s death, but family members say Janu did not die. He is unconscious in the hospital.

Zaheer Mia said, ‘Shortly before the accident, my brother also sent me a voice record. There has only been talk of torture. And there was talk of killing him after a while.

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