The French boy died of coronavirus-linked Kawasaki disease

The French boy died of coronavirus-linked Kawasaki disease

The French boy died of corona-virus-linked Kawasaki disease.

A nine-year-old child in Marseille has died in France after showing symptoms of Kawasaki, a mysterious inflammatory syndrome linked to the corona-virus.

The boy is thought to be the first in France and only the second in Europe after a teenager died last week of thesyndrome in London.

The French boy’s doctors said he had developed a form of the corona-virus. However, he has no symptoms. At first the doctors thought it was red fever. He was admitted to the hospital on May 2. Doctors said he was allowed to return home after receiving treatment for his condition, which was mild.

The boy was taken to La Timon Hospital a day later and was admitted to intensive care. Where he was caught with “symptoms of Kawasaki disease.” He died after suffering a heart attack and brain damage.

French officials said the baby’s death was not officially linked to Kawasaki disease but was thought to be a possible cause.

Fabrice Michel, head of the children’s emergency ward at Marseille Hospital, where the baby was first admitted. There, he told Agence France-Presse that blood tests showed the boy had been exposed to the coronavirus. However, he has no symptoms.

“The clinical symptoms he had after admission were comparable to scarlet fever. He saw an experienced veteran pediatrician. And a treatment related to clinical symptoms was prescribed, ”Michelle said. The baby was then sent home. Because he showed “no signs of serious illness.”

The baby was taken to La Timon Hospital by ambulance. Doctors will then realize “reasonably quickly” that it is not a red fever.

“The baby was showing symptoms that could be a sign of Kawasaki disease,” Michelle said.

In France, 144 cases of Kawasaki disease are believed to have been detected. Most of them are from the Paris region. More than half of them tested positive for Covin-19.

The French public health authority, Santa Public France says. The study found that the syndrome developed about four weeks after children were infected with Covid-19. And there was probably a reaction to the virus.

A study published in the Lancet earlier this week found the disease in Bergamo, Italy. Which has been severely damaged as a result of corona-virus outbreaks. The study found a 30-fold increase in diseases such as Kawasaki since the outbreak. And concludes: “Similar outbreaks of the same disease as Kawasaki can be expected in countries affected by the stork-covy-2 epidemic.”

Kawasaki disease is known to mainly affect children under the age of five. However, those diagnosed in France are between one and 14 years old. About 230 suspicious cases have been found in Europe. Where a 14-year-old died at the Children’s Hospital in London last week.

Incidents have also been noticed in the United States. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed Wednesday that at least 100 children had died in the state. Three of them died. Cases have also been reported in Louisiana, Mississippi and California. A CNN survey found that at least 17 state hospitals and clinics and Washington, D.C., are investigating the suspected cases.

A global coalition of doctors researching the condition says parents should expect hospitals and clinics to see more cases. Dr. Jeffrey Burns, a critical specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital, told CNN! “We can expect that each of the centers will see a bunch of this rise in about four to six weeks. It is felt that it was first raised in New York. Because it was the biggest and deadliest outbreak in New York. ”


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