The people of Amirat decreasing air pollution


People are suffering due to the lack of effective government to stop air pollution. In this situation, the people of the United Arab Emirates have started taking consciousness measured by themselves rather than looking at the government. A recent survey found that around 57 Percentage of citizens of the country are taking effective steps to reduce air pollution.

According to a report in the Khaleej Times, Yugov conducted a survey on the Arab people on May 20 to 27 on the occasion of World Environment Day. 69 percent of citizen use less electricity.

If the temperature is not above 24 degrees, 61 percent of them do not start air conditioner, 58 percent of the machine is used less in cooking and washing and 56 percent of the baths are faster.

Many people plant trees and avoid smoking inside the house. Unplugged vehicle engines and the number of people who reduce the use personal vehicle is increasing.


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