The tragedy happened in the US state of Minnesota

The tragedy happened in the US state of Minnesota

The tragic incident took place on Monday evening, May 26, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. A Minnesota grocer calls police. Floyd is pushing to run a ২০ 20 note with a bargain from the store, resulting in quarrels and fights.

What the American police do is check and hold, put their hands behind their backs with handcuffs, then throw him on the floor in front of the store and keep him on his knees for 6 minutes and 48 seconds. At the time, Floyd police officer Cowin was kneeling and begging, “I can’t breathe.” I’m dying, leave Priz. In front of everyone, at the moment, all over America or the world watched the life video. Now tell me, what should be the reaction? Yes, it has happened and it is happening.

Protests erupted in other US states yesterday following the Floyd killings in police custody, and curfews and a state of emergency were imposed in those states, and the National Guard was summoned. Protesters took to the streets. Ignoring the curfew on Friday night, the citizens of Minneapolis took to the streets. They are demanding the arrest and trial of four people, including Derek Cowin, the police officer who killed George Floyd. There are 17 other such allegations against Cowin.

Al Jazeera’s Dahir says it is not just George Floyd who is being tortured by the police. It is not an accident, nor is it an accomplice to the accident, but an explosion of blacks’ anger against the long-standing atrocities. Minnesota Governor Tim Wallace declared a state of emergency last Thursday, and called in the military.

Meanwhile, President Trump has issued a statement on the matter, speaking to George Floyd’s family, urging everyone to remain calm during the disaster, urging the people of Minnesota not to destroy their own city, and urging the Pentagon military to be vigilant. Joe Byrd says

Black and white on the outside, all on the inside are equally red The melting pot of people of many languages, many races, religions and shapes is called America. The American hybridization started before 181 which is still going on today. In 182, those who applied got at least 180 acres of agricultural land.

By 1890, the American population had grown from 13 million to 6 million. 1 million immigrants are added every year. Of the 13 states on the mainland, 48 are on the mainland, and in the northern part of Canada, in the tundra region of Canada, the state of Hawaii is the jewel of the United States, with 124 islands in Alaska and the Pacific Ocean purchased from Russia.

The Declaration of July 4, 1816, by Thomas Jefferson, the first Secretary of State of the United States, is still the principle of the United States. Battle of Gatisburg, Pennsylvania, July 183. There was a fierce civil war between both black slaves and white masters. Slave forces were at war and this is where they were stopped. A platform was built in one corner of the battlefield.

John Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, took the stage to announce the rebirth of the United States. He made a thunderous noise`“These dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation, under god, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

The Guardian reports on May 30 that George Floyd, a 46-year-old cheerleader, was a player in his early teens, a father, called the Beautiful Spirit, and the Little Giant. At a very young age, he was a football giant in Texas. In 1992, he gained fame by playing in the Inter-State Football Championship.

Many years ago, Floyd, a native of Houston, came to Minnesota in search of a new life. He used to work as a bouncer in a restaurant in Minnesota. But when the governor announced the lock-down in Corona’s death, poor Floyd, like many others, lost his job. Friend Harris says he wanted to start a new life at the end of Corona.Another friend, Donnell Cooper, said that Freud was very sociable. Even then, the life behind Floyd is a little eventful. A robbery case was filed against him in 2006 and in that case he was jailed for five years in 2009. Floyd, 46, was released from prison in 2014 and worked two jobs – a freelance truck driver and a bouncer at the Kanga Latin Bistro restaurant.

Jovanni Unstrom, a woman who owns the hotel, said she was a friend of mine and still did not listen to me, calling me a bossman. Harris said he spoke to her on the phone on Sunday, the day before the incident, and told her he had a job. I never believe he can do any cheating fraud. No never, he died unconscious, he begged the police for his life, he didn’t fight. His only 6-year-old daughter and wife still live in Houston.

The influence of black and white on American society and the minds of the people is not to be easily erased. Until 1920, American women did not have the right to vote nationally. In 242 years, Americans did not like a woman. In the aristocracy of Americans, arrogantly, Hillary was just a woman. Hillary could not get inside even after reaching the door of the White House. In the course of time, in the interval of time, in the tide of development, many blackness has been erased.

Whites have also chosen black. Yet the bullets of ignorance, stupidity, and blindness did not leave Abraham Lincoln. Only two years later, in 185, he was shot dead by unknown assailants, as did John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and many more. In America’s 260-year history, black-and-white racism still circulates like a curse.

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