The way the New York store is being looted

The way the New York store is being looted

The way the New York store is being looted

A group of miscreants are looting the Louis Bhushan store in Soho, an elite shopping area of ​​Manhattan. ‘If you want to take something, you have to come soon’ – one shouted and called the others. At least 20 people were helping him to smuggle various items through the window and put them in the car. This is how looting from various stores in New York is going on during the protests against the murder of George Floyd.

This photo was taken by a Daily News photographer from Manhattan. At that time, the looters threatened him with obscene language and threatened to break the cam. The incident took place at the Lewis Vision Store in Soho, an elite shopping area in Manhattan. During protests in Brooklyn and Manhattan on the night of the sixth day of protests against the murder of George Floyd, criminal gangs looted stores.

The looters broke into the back of the Lewis Bhushan store at the corner of Soho Green Street and Prince Street. Later the front door was opened. A group of people came to the store and parked. Later, they went inside and picked up the goods from the store and left.

Protests were taking place in Brooklyn on the evening of May 31. The looters then raided Soho’s brand name stores. Similar to the big stores on Fifth Avenue in the city, this area of ​​Manhattan has elite showrooms like South of Houston or in short Soho, Lewis Bhushan, Nike, Reebok, Bloomingdale etc. New York’s large art galleries are also in the Soho area.

Another journalist made a video of the incident. A GNC store there was seen to be looted. One broke the window and entered the store. He later left the area saying ‘Let’s go, let’s go’.

Police said the robbers also raided the Bloomingdale store on the corner of Broom Street, above Broadway. One was running with as many clothes as he could with both hands. The police chased him and caught him. In another incident, a young man was trying to break three well-boxes. But the police saw him sitting in a petrol car.


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