Trump’s proposal to meet Kim again


In a tweet, US President Donald Trump proposes to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the demilitarized zone, which is located between North and South Korea.
Trump participated in the G-20 conference in Osaka, Japan recently. From there, the US president is going to South Korea after the conference. So before the visit to South Korea, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un proposed a meeting in the demilitarized zone.

Trump said I wanted to see if Kim was interested in it. If he goes there we will meet for two minutes and that is enough.

It is being speculated that Trump will discuss North Korea’s nuclear disarmament during a two-day visit to South Korea.

The Trump-Kim meeting in Singapore in June of 2018

It is to be noted that after the Trump-Kim meeting in Singapore in June of 2018, there was a compromise agreement between the two countries. They agreed to jointly release the Korea Peninsula with nuclear weapons. But there is tension between the two countries because the outline of the disarmament is not specific. Since the beginning of this year, Trump has expressed interest in a new meeting with Kim several times. At one stage in Vietnam on 27 and 28 February, Trump and Kim held a second meeting. But the meeting ended without any agreement.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Trump planned a trip to the divisional demilitarized zone, dividing North-South Korea. But due to bad weather, he was forced to cancel the tour.


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