Turning point in Hong Kong’s protests, flights are canceled


Authorities have suspended flights to the airport after thousands of anti-government protesters occupied the main terminal of Hong Kong International Airport for the past four days. The world’s busiest airport authorities said it in a statement on Monday.

It is said in the statement that the airport’s work was being severely hampered by the ongoing protests. As a result, all flights except flights that have completed check-in have been canceled. At the same time, passengers are advised not to go to the airport.

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. 7.1 million passengers have traveled through the airport in 2018. The anti-government protests that have begun in Hong Kong a few months ago over a proposed law on the extradition of prisoners to the main Chinese territory are turning into violence. Police and protesters- both sides are being aggressive day by day.

Police clashed with protesters in various places in Hong Kong on Sunday (August 11th). Police fired rubber bullets at that time. On the other hand, protesters targeted police and threw petrol bombs at the Wan Chai area in the city center

In this situation of Hong Kong, China did not nose straight.  But on Monday, Beijing issued a stern statement regarding the protesters. China’s Hong Kong and Macau office spokesman Yang Guang said at a press conference that signs of terrorist activity were beginning to appear.

He said Hong Kong extremists have started attacking police with dangerous objects. These were great crimes. Now signs of terrorist activity were beginning to appear. The rule of law in Hong Kong is undermining and social stability had increased.

Why this protest?

The protests began in June in protest of a proposed law on prisoner extradition. The proposed law states that suspected criminals who fled Hong Kong after committing a crime in China can be sent to China for trial.

Democrats of Hong Kong stated that If this rule would be imposed China would use it against political opponents.

After facing huge protests, the Hong Kong administration suspended the bill. But protesters are demanding that the proposed law must be completely abolished.

Although Hong Kong is a part of China, its inhabitants enjoy much more freedom than China’s mainland. The media and the judicial system are also independent. But the citizens of Hong Kong are being afraid of as their independence are taking away.  Source: BBC


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