UK doesn’t want to supply 5G to Huawei


According to a report by a Conservative MP and two academics Huawei mobile company should be banned its supply 5G mobile networks in the UK because its operations are “subject to influence by the Chinese state”.

Last month after a fraught meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) they argued about a decision announced by Theresa May to allow Huawei to supply “non-core” equipment should be overturned because of using the company’s technology presents “risks”.

In a report from the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), the authors charged Huawei “has long been accused of espionage” and the claim was denied repeatedly by the firm and states that “while there are no definitely proven cases” and added that a precautionary principle should be adopted.
Tory MP Bob Seely is the co-author of the document who has already raised concerns about Huawei and the expert academics Peter Varnish and John Hemmings. It adds to pressurize the UK government to reconsider letting Huawei participate in the UK’s 5G network from the US and Australia and their intelligence agencies share information with the UK.

Last month after a meeting of the NSC May approved the use of Huawei technology for parts of the UK’s future 5G telecoms networks for the time. Five cabinet ministers raised concerns about the company said by a leaked account.


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