US Lawmaker’s letter to Trump to be discussed about human rights of Pakistan


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has gone to Washington on a three-day visit aimed at improving Pakistan-US relations. Imran Khan will meet with US President Donald Trump on Monday. He will also discuss important regional and bilateral issues with top American lawmakers, including members of the House of Representatives and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Source by- Gulf News, Pakistan Review.

Meanwhile, the US lawmakers have submitted a written petition to President Donald Trump to discuss with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan about the violation of human rights in Sindh province, Pakistan.

In that letter addressing Trump, lawmakers noted that the authorities were violating human rights by forcing Hindus and other minority communities in Sindh province to become Muslims or forcing to early marriage. Hundreds of people of Sindh are also missing, including writers, students, activists, and politicians. Affected families don’t even get justice. Although Washington has provided more than $ 30 billion in aid to South Asian countries, they said. According to them, the aid was allocated to improve the social and economic conditions of Pakistan and to promote good governance, but that did not happen.

Imran Khan’s visit will get more priority in the discussion about the suspension of military training to be started and Afghan peace talks. Islamabad hopes to have a significant role from the US. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the two countries would focus on increasing bilateral cooperation to end the Afghan war happening for two decades.

It is to be noted that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has traveled to the United States for three days on Qatar Airways ‘commercial flight’ instead of a special government aircraft. He created a new example of Pakistan’s expenditure.


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