Violence in Sri Lanka: Anti-Muslims riots


10 Percent of 22 Million Sri Lankan population is Muslim. Since the Easter bombings by Islamist militants. Muslim people in Sri Lanka are facing problems for anti-Muslim riots. The attack on 21st April targeted churches and hotels where 250 people were killed.  

Last Monday a person was killed as police shot tear gas at mobs attacking Mosques and in those shops which are owned by Muslims and imposed a curfew.

An officer at the Marawila hospital police said a 42 years old man had died who was admitted to the hospital with stab wounds. Mohamed Ameer Mohamed Sally a resident from the area helped to transport the victim to be admitted to the hospitals

In Muslim parts of North Western Province, the residents said that Mobs had attacked for the second day in mosques and damaged shops and business which are owned by Muslims.

A resident of Kottampitiya area informed over the phone, saying not to be identified for safety that “There are hundreds of rioters, police, and army are just watching. They have burned our mosques and smashed many shops owned by Muslims,” adding that “When we try to come out of our house, police tell us to stay inside.”

Ruwan Gunasekera a spokesman said that Police imposed a nationwide curfew from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in a statement that “if the racism rises up … and peace is disturbed the country will be destabilized.” “The intention of these groups who are causing violence is to cause disruption in public life, and destabilize the country,” he added.


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