We do not want war with Iran: Saudi Arabia


“Saudi Arabia does not want war with Iran. It is time for the war in Yemen to end.” Al-Muallimi, the representative of Saudi Arabia envoy in the UN, said this on Friday.

“We do not want war with Iran in Yemen or elsewhere,” he said. Now it is the perfect time to end the war in Yemen. The UN’s recommendation for the abolition of illegal occupational power in Yemen should be accepted by 2216 Houthi rebels.

On Friday, Yemen’s representative Abdullah al-Sadi, deputy permanent representative of the Emirates, deputy of Bahrain and representatives of the Arab League, handed over a copy of the decision taken at the Makkah Conference to UN chief Antonio Guterres on Friday, by the Saudi ambassador Al-Muallimi.

Members of the Arab League discussed in a conference held in the holy city of Makkah recently in Saudi Arabia, with the activities organized by the Allies in Yemen, Lebanon and other places.

The issue was also discussed of Iran’s involvement in two tank blasts in the Arabian Sea and the Oman Sea last month. Representatives of the Arab League have called for the UN chief to stop such activity in Iran. Antonio Guterres said he would talk with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Zaid Zarif about their concerns.

Antonio Guterres

Asked about the position of Saudi Arabia on the issue of Chinese government oppression on the minority Muslim community in Xinjiang, Ambassador Al-Muallimi said: “there was no concern for Muslims in the world other than Saudi Arabia.”


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