Who is ahead in military power in the war between China and India

Who is ahead in military power in the war between China and India

Who is ahead in military power in the war between China and India. Chinese President Xi Jinping has told the military to be ready for war. Neighboring India is also ready. War is never desirable However, let’s take a look at the current state of military power between China and India.

PWR Banking

China is one step ahead of India in this ranking of military power. Right after the United States and Russia, that is, China is at number three and India is at number four.

Active Army member

China, ranked third in the PRW index among 137 countries, has a total of 2.123 million military personnel, while India has 1.44 million military personnel. However, India is ahead in the number of reserve troops. They have 21 lakh reserve troops as against 5 lakh 10 thousand in China.

Defense budget

In the defense sector, China’s budget is 23.7 billion and India’s is 6.1 billion.


Here too China is ahead. India has 2,123 aircraft, compared to China’s 3,210.


China has 777 warships and India has 285 warships.


China’s warplanes are more than twice India’s. One thousand 232 from China and 538 from India.


China has 911 helicopters and India has 622.


India’s tanks are much larger than China’s. China has 3,500 tanks and India has 4,292.

Armored vehicles

The number of armored vehicles in China is 33,000, while in India it is 8,006.

Automatic artillery

There is no comparison between the two countries. China has 3,600, India only 235.

Field artillery

Here India is a little ahead. They have 4,060 field artillery, compared to 3,600 in China.

Rocket projector

2,750 from China and 26 from India. So here China is about ten times ahead.


India also lags far behind in terms of number of submarines. India has 16 submarines as against China’s 64.

Aircraft carrier

2 from China, 1 from India.


36 from China and 10 from India.


China’s 52, India’s just one-fourth, or 13.


50 warships from China and 19 from India.

Coastal patrol

220 from China, 139 from India.


China has a total of 506 airports and India has 347.

Seaports and terminals

China, the world’s most populous country, is the second most populous country in the world. In contrast to China’s 22, they have a total of 13 ports and terminals.


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